The Company

Founded in 1993, TerraBioGen Technologies Inc. operates a research and development facility located near Vancouver, British Columbia.

Through its laboratories, growth rooms, and greenhouse, TerraBioGen is able to manufacture, formulate, and test performance of its microbial metabolites, bioactive materials and biostimulant products. In the development of its products, TerraBioGen has collaborated with some of the leading agricultural research institutes in the world. This network allows TerraBioGen to test its products on a variety of crops such as nursery crops, transplanted field crops, field seeded crops, and perennials.

Based on extensive lab, greenhouse, and field testing, TerraBioGen’s proprietary bioactive materials have been shown to provide a variety of benefits including improved plant health, biotic and abiotic stress tolerance, and enhanced crop yields. TerraBioGen is committed to providing organically-based, environmentally sustainable solutions to the challenges facing the global agriculture and horticulture industries.

The Management

Blair Heffelfinger

President and Chief Executive Officer

With a M.Sc. and M.B.A. from the University of British Columbia, Blair brings both his strong microbiology background and over 25 years’ experience as a senior executive in a wide range of industries including biotech, cleantech and engineering to TerraBioGen. Blair is a proven leader of development stage companies and has been instrumental in successfully developing and implementing TerraBioGen’s business strategy.

Bob Nowell

Chief Financial Officer

Mr Nowell is an experienced accountant who has more than 30 years experience with Small and Medium sized Enterprises, including high tech publicly traded companies and private enterprises.  He is the Chief Financial Officer for TerraBioGen Technologies Inc.

S.R. Prabhu

Chief Technical Officer

Prabhu is a soil/agricultural microbiologist with over 20 years of research experience, including 10 years in Agricultural Research Service of Indian Council of Agricultural Research and is responsible for researching and developing various  cell free microbial product lines.  Prabhu holds a Masters degree in Agricultural Microbiology from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India.

Mandeep Randhawa

Senior Scientist and Agronomist

With a Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences from Punjab Agricultural University in India, Mandeep brings over 12 years of research and development experience in plant health management to TerraBioGen.  Mandeep is primarily responsible for, planning, managing, and evaluating TerraBioGen’s extensive in-house and external field trials.

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