Market Need

There are major global challenges facing the agriculture industry in the 21st century. Primary among them is the fact that the human population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050. In order to feed the additional population we will need to increase crop yields by 70%.  Another significant challenge to agriculture is the threat posed by global climate change. Available cropland is expected to decrease worldwide due to the increased desertification and soil erosion resulting from the more frequent droughts and heat waves predicted by global climate change projections. As farming is responsible for about 70% of global fresh water usage, reduced access to water due to climate change will have dire consequences for farmers.  A final challenge is fertilizer availability; the supply of chemical fertilizers is decreasing due to the exhaustion of easily accessible natural sources of nutrients such as phosphorous and potassium. As a result, in the future chemical fertilizers will become more costly.

To address these challenges, farmers will have to produce food more efficiently than ever before, to produce crops that are tolerant to abiotic and biotic stress, and to achieve this in an environmentally sustainable manner. TerraBioGen’s products will be an effective tool for farmers looking for solutions to these challenges.  TerraBioGen’s products have been shown to increase nutrient and water efficiency therefore allowing the grower to produce more with less input.  Furthermore, since TerraBioGen’s technology is organically-based, it can deliver sustainable solutions to global agriculture challenges.


Customer Approach

Both in the development and application of our products, TerraBioGen has taken a customer-centric approach.  We understand that growers have developed their own, often unique, approach to crop production.  In the development and application of our products, we try to ensure that treatment integrates easily into the growers standard procedures.  In the development of our rates and application frequency, we try to ensure that the grower benefits with every treatment.


As its initial target market, TerraBioGen is pursuing formulations that increase yields with the greenhouse vegetable (Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Peppers and Eggplant) and field vegetable markets.  In the ornamental market, we are pursuing formulations that improve germination, establishment and plant health in nursery crops (seed and cutting) and improved performance and survivability in floriculture markets.

In the medium term, TerraBioGen will pursue formulations to improve yield and fruit quality in perennial berry crops, and improved survival and vigour in landscape plants.

Longer term, the company will be pursuing yield improvement formulations for transplanted field crops such as potatoes and tomatoes, and seeded field crops such as corn, soybean, wheat, and rice.