TerraBioGen LCFX

LCFX is TerraBioGen’s first commercial product specifically formulated for greenhouse vegetable production. After a few simple treatments in the propagation and production stages in the greenhouse, cucumber plants respond by changing root architecture, giving the plants healthier and more robust root systems, resulting in improved nutrient and water utilization efficiency, ultimately resulting in significant yield improvement.




TerraBioGen LCFX is available in 500ml (16.9oz) and 4L (1.05gal) volumes. For further information and labels, please click on Ask an Expert below. Alternatively, you can click on LCFX Free Trial and trial our product at your facility.

Increased Greenhouse Vegetable Yield

TerraBioGen LCFX greenhouse cucumber trials typically show a dramatic increase in root development and health, and improved foliage. Based on 5 applications on 500 plant replications, demo trials have shown significant production yield increases over grower standard practices.



Improved Ornamental Plant Health

TerraBioGen LCFX greenhouse poinsettia trials have shown earlier season root growth, earlier maturity and greater stress tolerance.


TerraBioGen @ 28days

Control @ 28 days


TerraBioGen treatment (on the left) achieved 90% flowering
on average 6 days prior to the Control (on right).


Improved Plant Nutrient Use Efficiency

Research conducted by the University of Guelph (Rothstein, S. et al) demonstrated improved nutrient use efficiency in corn plants.  Plants were grown hydroponically with Full Nutrients (FN), Low Nutrients (LN) and Low Nutrients with LCFX (LN+LCFX).

The LCFX treated plants improved nutrient uptake resulting in statistically significant increase in biomass, nitrate concentration, chlorophyll, starch, sucrose, and amino acid contents. The results indicated higher photosynthesis rates and availability of more nitrogen for protein synthesis in the treated plants.

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