TerraBioGen’s proprietary bioactive materials and biostimulants, produced from a unique class of naturally occurring microorganisms, are potent, stable, easy to formulate, and effective at low doses. Unlike conventional microbial agricultural bio-products, TerraBioGen’s bioactive materials are free of live organisms, consisting solely of microbial metabolites.  Because of this innovation, TerraBioGen’s bioactive materials are unaffected by soil’s physico-chemical and biological limitations or by weather conditions, and therefore provide repeatable positive results in crops grown in different soils and agro-climatic regions.

Being cell-free, TerraBioGen products can effectively mix with liquid chemical fertilizers, making applications hassle-free for greenhouse and field applications.  Further, since TerraBioGen products are not a live inoculum, they are stable with a long shelf life.

Over the past 10 years, TerraBioGen has conducted hundreds of trial on a wide range of crops.  Test results have shown that TerraBioGen’s products enhance root architecture and morphology in a wide range of important crops, allowing plants to maximize the utilization of available soil resources, resulting in enhanced plant growth and health. Crops treated with TerraBioGen’s products exhibit augmented biotic and abiotic stress tolerance, resulting in enhanced disease suppression, water and nutrient efficiency, and crop yield.

Product Pipeline

TerraBioGen is developing formulations to deliver a variety of beneficial traits to a wide range of crop types.

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Potato scab disease suppression with TerraBioGen treatment

potato-scab-pathogen-inhibition-a potato-scab-pathogen-inhibition2
Streptomyces scabies on Malt Extract Agar Streptomyces scabies on Malt Extract Agar
with TerraBioGen treatment

Water Stress response on arugula: 4 days without water in seed trays


TerraBioGen Treatment